RHO – RTKA is the surgical navigation software for Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty. Accurate soft tissue balancing, proper restoration of limb alignment and joint line height are main challenges to be faced for a successful outcome. Bones conditions and ligaments instability can introduce several surgical complexities. RHO– RTKA, deeply focused on those goals, supports the surgeon for an accurate surgical strategy definition and provides a precise guiding during the entire procedure.


  • Anatomical landmarks detection performed after prosthesis removal.
  • Best joint line height planning based on anatomical landmarks.
  • Precise guidance for joint line restoration.
  • Rotational components positioning control respect to patient’s anatomy.
  • Detailed assessment of limb alignment and ROM.
  • Customizable Surgical workflow adaptable to surgeon needs.
  • Fully compatible with any conventional surgical instrumentation.
  • Recording of main surgical data.


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