Orthokey supports and promotes multicentre clinical studies involving opinion leaders for different surgical application domains.

Based on sophisticated numerical simulations and modelling of magnetic field and magnetic field gradients. Orthokey has developed a distinctive patented approach for a new generation of smart guiding and positioning systems for Nano Magnetic Particles – NMP:  NANO POSITIONING SYSTEMS: NPS
The highly focused NPS enable the magnetic guidance and position control of NMP and micro-bioagents with a sub-mm accuracy inside human body. NPS will be useful for earlier diagnostics, tissue engineering, drug delivery, additive biomimetic reconstruction.

VOSTARS visorsVOSTARS - Project: Wearable augmented reality in the Surgical room
Orthokey as worldwide leader in Computer Assisted Surgery is boosting even more cost effective innovative solutions in healthcare: as exploitation manager Orthokey has defined a strategic business and marketing plan to bring into clinical practice a complete wearable device fully designed around the surgeons’ needs. VOSTARS, the H2020 GA 631974 initiative, has implemented the VOSTARS visors: the Augmented Reality Head Mounted Display bridges the gap between the two existent approaches to wearable AR (Optical See Through and Video See Through) in a unique visor. VOSTARS has achieved strategic targets such as optimal ergonomics and high navigation accuracy.

More information on ongoing and future clinical studies can be requested to our contact centre.

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