To successfully and efficiently use new tools in the operating room requires support. Orthokey understands this and provides you with surgical support services through our Clinical Application Specialists. Our specialists can assist surgeons and their staff during any case, ensuring that you can comfortably and effectively use our solutions and deliver the best in patient care. Some of the services available to you as a Orthokey partner are:

  • Training for your staff
  • On-site clinical and technical support during surgery
  • Setup, start-up and takedown of the system and instrumentation for every case These surgical support services can be purchased by our capital customers at any time.


Orthokey educational framework provides supplementary training and education to enhance and develop users’ skills. Comprehensive instruction is provided by qualified Orthokey personnel and experienced surgeons and professionals in order to improve surgical outcomes through the use of Orthokey solutions. In addition to theoretical training, hands-on training is provided at various sites including Orthokey offices and partner hospitals. Orthokey educational framework comprise courses such as:

  • On site training and assistance session
  • Product Specialist Training session
  • Live surgery at Partner Hospitals
  • IGS school
  • Consulting service for specific clinical and scientific requirements

For further information, please contact one of our Education Coordinators:
phone +39 055 354829 (dial 3) fax +39 055 3246012
email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.