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BLU-IGS platform is tha CAS system integrating anatomical data, surgical workflows and biomechanical models to support the surgeon during major lower limb arthroplasties ... read more

Navigation at Orthokey started long ago, 10 years ago.
It has been an intense period in which our passion underpinned the achievement of important goals and allows us getting several satisfactions.
In the last ten years, the world dramatically changed (consider that in 2007 the iPad was not existing), and Orthopedic world is in a new era too. The market every day changes causing the vanishing of several computer assisted companies and the blowing-up of new firms with different and new solutions. Moreover, we are facing prices and reimbursement issues. Nowadays the paradox comes from economic models where expensive robotic systems can be proposed to administrations, while navigation remains a marketing tool for implant producers.
In those years clinicians changed too. They are more focused in quality surgery (less invasive, more precise) and recognize in navigation a stable and mature option. Navigation is a surgical instruments (surgeons know it), that has been proven to be effective.

We added several surgical procedures and tools. We are renovating and we have big ideas for the future. Surgeons appreciate our work and new customers came this year. We would like to thank all people that joined us in the past and helped us to take care and many other that contributed to improve our work.
We will inform you about our new steps!