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50144 Firenze, Italy
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Our Team

Surgeon-Centered Design Solutions and Services:

Based on the specific needs of our costumers we try to find efficient and targeted solutions.


Our solutions are designed to best integrate with the unique workflow of each surgical team and fit in any OR.

Research & Development

We collaborate with universities and research institutes.


A constant flow of graduating and PhD students come to work with us. This skilled young staff renews our lifeblood every day, feeding enthusiasm and curiosity towards the constant search for the most innovative solutions, combined with consolidated experience.


We guarantee that our solutions meet the quality standards and comply with the required regulations, while keeping an eye on the customers’ specific needs.

Customer Service

For us, our customers are people and not numbers.

Our focus is on customer care, not on aftersales marketing.

Sales & Specialists

We assist you in the journey of learning to guide you through the right path.

We’re here to solve your problems, and provide you with services.

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