Orthokey Technical Support Team goal is keep your equipment operating at peak performance 24/7/365, and to achieve this through responsiveness and service quality. By proactively maintaining your system, you ensure that you will receive the best results and maximum revenues while minimizing downtime. Orthokey Technical Support Team is composed by highly trained specialists, with expertise across many technical fields, able to provide phone, email, and on-site service, smooth installation and integration, user training. Orthokey Technical Support Team will work with your departments to ensure equipment performance. This partnership assures the best possible clinical service for you and is enabled through a variety of technical support services, including:

  • Orthokey Technical Support Center - Trouble ticket system exclusively reserved to our customers, here you can find manuals and all support related to our products:

  • Remote Technical Support - Our phone support, coupled with remote data transfer, gets you the help you need, when you need it. This team also offers repair consultation, replacement part ordering and service scheduling.

  • Technical Assitance Equipment Repair/Services - These services include remote consultation, remote diagnostics, shipping and repair or substitution with an equivalent equipment - everything needed to ensure the safety and efficacy of your Orthokey Navigation systems.

  • Technical Assistance Service Support
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Worldwide Technical Assistance Address: Technical Service - Orthokey Italia S.r.l. Piazza Puccini 26 50144 Firenze - Italy
    Phone: +39-055-354829 (dial 3) Fax: +39-055-3246012
    RMA (Return Material Authorization) to require the opening of service procedure
    NOTIFICATION MODULE to notify any suggestion, request, problem and comment

Contractual Terms:
The assistance service for technical support can be based on annual contract with specific service level agreement, or can as assistance provided on demand.